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The Wind 

in the Willows

By Kenneth Grahame

Adapted for the stage by Tony Nicholls

Music by Richard John


15th-29th June.

Kenneth Grahame’s classic tales of the riverbank have been enchanting us for almost one hundred years. They have been staged, filmed and turned into animated television series and characters such as the wily Water Rat, the lovable Mole, the gruff old Badger and the exuberant Mr Toad have won the hearts of children and adults the world over.


Now all these old friends – and of course, the wicked Wildwooders - come to the stage in an adaptation by Tony Nicholls. Those who already know the book will be delighted to see it brought faithfully to life on stage; as for those who haven’t yet made the book’s acquaintance – well, this could be the start of a wonderful friendship!


With an especially commissioned musical score by Richard John, a fast-paced narrative and hilarious moments,
The Wind in the Willows will be a wonderful winter treat for grand-parents, parents and children of all ages.


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